R550 rain cover for Rode blimp

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Cappo R550 is waterproof rain cover for protection of zeppelins and blimps from rain, wet and adverse weather conditions that lead to deterioration or impossible implementation of outside sound recordings. Now featuring the Cappo® raincoat provides protection and moisture-isolation. Designed from durable high quality 100% waterproof polyester, double coating textile and lightweight batting inside.

R550 is made of very thin and soften fabric, reducing the product weight significantly, while increasing softens the sound of rain drops falling on the blimp`s rain cover. It sounds does not feel his presence is acoustically transparent.
R550 provides maximum protection from rain, giving you additional security and protection for your equipment. In extreme cases of heavy rain and continuous operation under heavier rainfall is possible moisture penetration. In case of work under such conditions would be better to remove the rain cover and to wring the water out.
R550 rain cover is designed to be used with windshield for better wind protection but is not recommended to be used except under extreme weather conditions and extra protection from wind and strong air flow.
Weight 0.197 kg
Dimensions W550 x H250mm x D150mm
Materials: 100% polyester fabric, batting, velcro closure, polyester seam type
Compatible with:
Rycote WS 4 W440mm x H100mm x D100mm
Rycote WS 4 + Ext. 1 W510mm x H100mm x D100mm
Rode Blimp W490mm x H122mm x D122mm
Sennheiser MZW 60-1 W440mm x H100mm x D100mm
Sennheiser MZW 70-1 W570mm x H100mm x D100mm
and other similar sizes
Maximum sound attenuation: Acoustically transparent less than 0.2dB
Warranty 1 year with free extension to lifetime warranty following registration here
Product Code: 1001


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